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Ziaja Antioxidation Moisturizing Shower Gel Acai Berry 300ml

Ziaja Antioxidation Moisturizing Shower Gel Acai Berry 300ml

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ZIZIAJA Antioxidation Moisturizing Shower gel with lotion. Recommended for tired, dull and sensitive skin. Contains natural active ingredients

It can also be used in the bath. It contains natural active substances such as acai berries and beta glucan.

It cares for the skin during washing, thoroughly cleanses it, and at the same time is gentle and does not dry the skin.

Thanks to it, the skin is not only smooth and moisturized, but also pleasantly refreshed and rested.

The gel is thick and efficient, has the consistency of a caring balm. It lathers well and rinses off easily. It is suitable for vegans, has a neutral pH.

This product is dermatologically  tested.

Acai berry extract contained in the composition is a strong antioxidant, refreshes the skin tone and positively affects the improvement of microcirculation.

Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide obtained from oat grains, which regenerates the skin and provides it with an optimal level of hydration.

Daily washing and body care for tired, dull and sensitive skin. Prevention of the first wrinkles.
The product is especially recommended for active people living in large urban agglomerations.

Usage – ZIAJA Antioxidation Moisturizing Shower gel:
Apply a small amount of gel to your hand or washcloth and wash your body.
Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
The gel can also be used as a bubble bath.