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Ziaja Gel for foot -  Chestnut 100 ml

Ziaja Gel for foot - Chestnut 100 ml

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Active gel feet of soothing and refreshing. It contains rich in flavonoids natural horse chestnut extract, which has anti-inflammatory and przeciwobrzekowo and additionally pro-vitamin B5 (D-panthenol).

It improves blood circulation in the skin.
Seals small blood vessels reducing their tendency to crack.
Quickly removes fatigue and gives a feeling of relaxation.
Moisturizes the skin and effectively soothes irritation and prevents their formation.

It absorbs quickly and does not give feeling of stickiness.
It is efficient to use.

recommended for people at risk of long-term condition or who are prone to leg swelling.

a small amount of gel on the skin and gently massage starting below the level of discomfort.