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Ziaja Creamy Shower Gel with Cashmere 500ml

Ziaja Creamy Shower Gel with Cashmere 500ml

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Creamy soap with cashmere proteins and glycerin by ZIAJA is perfumed with a powdery sweet composition of ylang ylang oil combined with an elegant blend of musk, sensual vanilla and a modern note of cedar.

It works gently. Keeps the skin clean and tidy. Does not dry the skin even after frequent washing.

It leaves the skin soft and delicate to the touch.

It makes the bath more pleasant, creating a velvety foam.

Gives the skin a warm, enveloping smell.


for shower and bath.


for washing, use a small amount of soap, then rinse. Can be used like bath lotion.

The water temperature should be consistent with body temperature. Staying in water for too long can dry out the skin.

Active ingredients:

cashmere proteins, glycerin.

The product has been dermatologically and allergy tested.