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Ziaja Purification Manuka Leaves Deep Cleansing Paste 75ml

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Manuka leaves deep cleansing paste against blackheads - capacity 75 ml.

Purification of normal, oily and combination skin

Deeply cleansing, rinse-off product in paste form. Effectively reduces skin imperfections. Restores the skin's natural balance and freshness.

deeply cleansing active ingredients

- Manuka leaf extract with antibacterial properties

- astringent-Normalizing Green Clay

- active washing base

clean and fresh skin

- Unclogs skin pores from excess sebum.

- Has mild astringent and exfoliating properties.

- Prevents the formation of blackheads.

- Prevents the formation of new skin imperfections.

- Prepares the skin for skin care treatments.


Spread the paste on your hands and wash your face with water. Avoid the eye area