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Wella Wellaflex Mousse Frizz Control 4 Extra Strong Hold 200ml

Wella Wellaflex Mousse Frizz Control 4 Extra Strong Hold 200ml

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The Frizz Control product line will provide your hairstyle with a very strong hold without feeling sticky or weighing down your hair for up to 24 hours. The hair does not frizz, and keratin protects its surface, while ensuring the elasticity of the hairstyle. In addition, the Frizz Control line helps protect hair against harmful UV radiation.

- Odorless and gentle on the scalp and hair
- strong hold
- hairstyle flexibility for up to 24 hours thanks to FlexActive™ technology
- natural effect without a sticky feeling
- helps protect hair against UV radiation
- easy to comb
- hold power 3/5

FlexActive™ technology
The secret of Wellaflex varnishes with FlexActive™ technology is the improved method of application thanks to a patented diffuser that provides up to 30% smaller droplets compared to the previous formula. Thanks to this:
• the varnish spreads evenly on the hair and easily penetrates the hairstyle, which makes it retain its flexible and natural form much better, while remaining well-fixed for up to 24 hours;
• the hair dries faster and does not stick together and is not excessively weighed down, which helps maintain the natural look of the hairstyle and the softness of the hair, and if necessary, it can be easily combed.