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Stoperan Electrolytes Powder Orange Flavor 7 sachets

Stoperan Electrolytes Powder Orange Flavor 7 sachets

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Dietary food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of diarrhea, in which it replenishes electrolytes lost during diarrhea.

1 sachet contains:
- glucose 2.70 g
- sodium citrate 0.58 g
- sodium chloride 0.52 g
- potassium chloride 0.3 g
Ingredients - strawberry flavor, acidity regulator: citric acid, sweeteners: acesulfame K, aspartame.

Recommended daily dose:
dissolve 1 sachet in 200 ml of water. Serve in portions during the first 3-4 hours of irrigation: Children up to 15 kg of body weight - 4 sachets (800 ml of prepared liquid). Children over 15 kg of body weight and adults - 6 sachets (1200 ml of the prepared liquid). After this time, for maintenance irrigation, the liquid prepared according to the above recipe should be administered in portions of 100 ml after each bowel movement or vomiting. The liquid should not be sweetened. Do not exceed the portion recommended for consumption during the day.