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SkrzypoVita Pro Men Shampoo Against Hair Loss 200ml

SkrzypoVita Pro Men Shampoo Against Hair Loss 200ml

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Shampoo against hair loss 200ml

reduces hair loss
& strengthens hair
delays the effects
hair aging
thoroughly cleanses hair
and scalp

Skrzypovita PRO MEN shampoo against hair loss is designed for washing and male care of hair loss.
Light shampoo formula based on gentle cleansers and extracts
vegetable does not burden the hair and takes care of it in a special way.

Skrzypovita PRO MEN shampoo contains Procapil„¢, which in combination with the richness of plant extracts from saw palmetto, horsetail, ginseng, thyme, wheat enriched with keratin, caffeine and B vitamins nourishes the hair and regenerates it.

Saw palmetto extract inhibits 5ÃŽ±-reductase. Reduces prolapse
Ginseng extract stimulates hair growth.
Horsetail extract has strengthening effects.
Keratin strengthens the structures of the hair.

The Procapil„¢ system contained in the shampoo, i.e. the active complex of ingredients, helps in the fight against premature hair loss, delays the effects of hair aging, strengthens hair roots and hair follicles and prolongs the anagen phase (hair growth).

Directions for use: