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Bielenda Red Ginseng Strongly Rebuilding Anti Wrinkle Ampoule 3ml

Bielenda Red Ginseng Strongly Rebuilding Anti Wrinkle Ampoule 3ml

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The anti-wrinkle intensive rebuilding ampoule with rich, concentrated formula, modelled on effective Korean and Japanese skincare patterns, makes mature skin look beautiful and makes it, like the skin of Asian women, smooth and look younger than it really is.

 Bielenda RED GINSENG Intensively Rebuilding Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule 3ml

RED GINSENG is a line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics for mature skin inspired by Asian care, in which rich formulas based on a combination of Korean Red Ginseng, Japanese Shiitake mushrooms and natural ingredients from Asia provide the skin with deep hydration and an effective revitalising system for a beautiful look of the skin, which, like the skin of Asian women, becomes smooth and looks younger than it really is.

Additional content of fermented oils, an exceptional ingredient in Asian care products, which is rich in beneficial substances obtained in the fermentation process, facilitates better penetration and bio-absorption of active ingredients through the skin.

KOREAN RED GINSENG contains a natural composition of strong antioxidants (including vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin C), supports skin regeneration and strengthening. It makes the skin firmer, more elastic, smoother and reduces wrinkles. It restores freshness and radiance to dull skin.

JAPANESE SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS are a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, acids and minerals. They contain kojic acid that brightens discolouration and age related pigmentation spots. It makes the skin well hydrated, firmer, and more elastic, retains moisture in the skin and brings back a healthy skin colour.

The active ingredients contained in the ampoule reach the problematic areas with precision and release their potential there, actively stimulating the skin to regenerate. The ampoule quickly and effectively improves the condition of mature skin. It moisturises the skin deeply, has nourishing and revitalising effect, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and makes it more radiant. It smooths and refreshes the skin visibly and supports reduction of discolouration.

The ampoule also contains RICE PEPTIDES that stimulate the skin€™s defence mechanisms and enable the process of its renewal. They smooth out and nourish the skin, improve its firmness and elasticity, support skin regeneration, and add radiance to the skin.

RESULT: smooth, fresh, well hydrated, revitalised, glowing skin.

Application: Shake the ampoule before opening. Break off the neck of the ampoule with a strong movement. Be careful when opening €“ the ampoule is made of glass. Pour the contents onto your hand and pat into the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Leave on the skin. Use alone or under cream. Disposable product. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.