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Pyralgina Termo Hot Warming Heat Patch 1pc

Pyralgina Termo Hot Warming Heat Patch 1pc

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Product description / intended use:
It brings relief in the following pains: back, shoulder, cross, neck, rheumatic pains. Up to 14 hours of operation 

Indications: PYRALGINA ® TERMO HOT is a warming patch that effectively and naturally relaxes deep muscles, relieving back, shoulder, back, neck and tendon pains, as well as rheumatic pain.

Action: PYRALGINA ®   TERMO HOT works effectively for up to 14 hours, while the optimal warming effect is felt up to 12 hours. In the inner layer of the patch, after activation (opening the package), an exothermic (heat-releasing) reaction occurs due to the slow oxidation of the iron powder. The patch does not emit any substances, only heat.
A single-use plaster, for external use only, on the skin or cotton underwear, directly adjacent to the body (especially recommended for people with particularly sensitive skin, the elderly and in a situation where the perceived temperature is too high). The plaster does not interfere with everyday activities. You can put your clothes on and function normally. 

Powdered iron, water, salt, activated carbon, vermiculite

Carefully open the package with the plaster (start in the marked, notched area). Remove the patch from the package immediately before use. Remove the tape securing the adhesive surface of the patch and immediately stick the patch in place, if you feel pain on cotton underwear lying close to your body or on dry and clean skin. The patch will gradually heat up to a pleasant, soothing temperature of around 50 „ƒ (maximum temperature around 55 „ƒ). The duration of use of the patch should be selected individually to ensure the best therapeutic effect. However, the patch should not be used in the same place for too long. If necessary, another patch can be applied to the same place after 24 hours. The patch stays firmly in place and is easy to remove after use. The patch can be used alone or in combination with oral pain relievers. Then, due to the reduced pain sensation, only use the plaster on cotton underwear. In the event of intense sweating, remove the patch.

Additional information:
Precautions: Incorrect use of the patch may damage the skin.
To avoid the risk of burns, follow the instructions given in the instructions and observe the effects of the patch. People with particularly sensitive skin and the elderly should use the patch only on cotton underwear, not directly on the skin. When using the patch, do not exert a lot of pressure on it, e.g. with a belt or a rubber band, and do not lie on a heating patch (even in bed). Let air flow over the patch. Avoid direct exposure of the patch to the sun. 

Do not use the patch:
  • in children under 12 years of age
  • during a sleep
  • while bathing
  • on irritated or damaged skin
  • in the injection sites
  • in areas where the skin is particularly sensitive, around the armpits and groin
  • in people who cannot remove it themselves (e.g. elderly, disabled or handicapped), unless the use of the patch is under the supervision of a responsible adult
  • in people who are bedridden and in people who are prone to skin ulcers
  • in people who are unable to feel the heat: for example, have decreased feeling on certain parts of the body
  • immediately after injury - heat may aggravate the swelling or cause the hematoma to grow
  • at the same time, in places where topical forms of drugs are used (ointments, creams, gels), warming preparations, e.g. containing capsaicin, camphor oil and simultaneously with other heat sources such as heating pads, sollux and other devices emitting infrared radiation.

Warnings :Before using the patch, contact your doctor or pharmacist in case of: circulatory disorders (especially people taking peripheral vasodilators), diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases, pregnancy. Do not cut, tear or otherwise damage the patch. A patch that is torn or damaged should not be used. The patch contains powdered iron which may be harmful if swallowed. Consult a doctor if the contents of the patch have been swallowed. If iron powder comes into contact with your skin or eyes, immediately rinse them with water and consult a doctor immediately. The heating patch should be removed immediately if you feel too much heat, pain, or pain in the area of €€¹Ã¢‚¬€¹application. a burning sensation or skin irritation (swelling, eczema, blisters or redness). Contact your doctor immediately if these symptoms do not disappear within a short time. After use, do not heat the patch in a microwave oven or raise the temperature of the used patch in any way.
The used patch should be thrown away.
Using the Pyralgina Termo Hot patch in a manner inconsistent with these instructions may have negative effects on the patient's health. 

The storage conditions:
The patches should be stored at room temperature, in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Do not store the slices in the freezer.