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Premium Rosa NFC 100% Nettle with Rockrose (Cistus) Juice 500ml

Premium Rosa NFC 100% Nettle with Rockrose (Cistus) Juice 500ml

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Directly squeezed nettle juice enriched with purge herb.

Complete the deity.

NFC juices are natural and healthy juices pressed directly from herbs and fruits. A simple composition, great taste, aesthetic brown glass glasses that protect the properties - all this is included in our wonderful syach. Our fruit quality service providers.

Juice squeezed directly from the nettle with cleansing - 500 ml.

Ingredients: NFC juice (89.8%), cistus herb extract (10%), acidity regulator (citric acid).

Note: do not download in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product ingredients. Women in shift and in the period of returning to shift back. The product is not intended for children.

The Diet Supplement cannot be a substitute (replacement) for Egencjaj.


The juice is pressed directly from the nettle and subjected to a pasteurization process. We added a purge infusion to it - creating a Diet Supplement. We took care of the highest quality. Gel glass protects against the sun's rays, bronzes precious, apply.

The bottle contains 500 ml of pure herbal juice.


Nettle juice and purge can be prepared:

new drinks,
green cocktails,
healthy toasts.

The popularity of the purge in Poland year on year The purge comes from southern Europe, but is now also cultivated in Poland. Cistus shrubs are covered with beautiful pink flowers, and dried leaves and stems are used in herbal medicine.

The taste, aroma and consistency may vary by variety, variety, and exposure to sunlight
and irrigation of crops in a given lot.

Sediment is a phenomenon. Shake well before performing.

Remember that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle increase its quality every day.