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Premium Rosa Juice 100% Beet Bio 250ml

Premium Rosa Juice 100% Beet Bio 250ml

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Beet juice is produced from raw materials that come from organic farming. It has no added preservatives. Beetroot fruit has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can positively affect the proper functioning of blood vessels and overall metabolism. 

Ingredients : juice from organic beet tubers 100% reconstituted from concentrated juice (Beta Vulgaris L.), including acidity regulator (citric acid).

The product has a  BIO Certificate , comes from organic farming in which: 

  • no synthetic plant protection products (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.) are used,
  • multi-hectare monocultures are not used,
  • reservoirs and natural watercourses are left on the cultivated area,
  • Soil-exhausting monocultures are used for extended crop rotation cycles,
  • green fertilizers are used, especially from legumes, which, in combination with compost, manure and liming, allows to maintain the structure and fertility of the soil at the correct level,
  • soil protection machinery and tools are used,
  • they are carried out away from roads and industrial facilities.
  • Beet juice can be used to prepare:

    • soups, especially borscht 
    • cleansing cocatayl 
    • classic shot

    The taste, aroma and consistency may vary depending on the variety, sunlight and hydration of the raw material in a given batch. Sediment is a natural phenomenon. Shake the bottle well before use. Let us remember that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle increase its quality every day.