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Miraculum Pani Walewska RUBY Perfume Spray  30ml

Miraculum Pani Walewska RUBY Perfume Spray 30ml

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The rich and luxurious fragrance inspired by the glow of a noble ruby €€¹Ã¢‚¬€¹is an invitation to a world where timeless elegance, refinement and impeccable style reign, regardless of age.

Mrs. Walewska RUBY chypre-fruity perfumes are the embodiment of female sensuality, in which the aromas of red fruit blend with notes of jasmine.

The scent is broken by a bold accent of raspberry jam and pop cornu.

The whole is encircled by an oriental musky and woody note, which hypnotizes, adding character to the composition.

Mrs. Walewska Ruby has been closed in a unique bottle, which is distinguished by a unique shape stylized as a Napoleon's hat, reflecting the essence of the brand.