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Pani Walewska Moisturizing Day Cream with Avocado Oil  50ml

Pani Walewska Moisturizing Day Cream with Avocado Oil 50ml

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Moisturizing day cream Pani Walewska, thanks to its light consistency, spreads perfectly and is quickly absorbed, reducing the dryness and roughness of the epidermis. Provides intense hydration, leaving a feeling of comfort. The complex of vitamins A and E in combination with shea butter restores and maintains the optimal level of skin hydration, thanks to which it is well nourished and elasticized. Avocado oil containing mineral salts and vitamins (A, C, E, B6) penetrates the skin and effectively binds water in its deeper layers. Additionally, liposomes, rich in hyaluronic acid, create a protective film on the surface of the skin that prevents water loss. Moisturizing cream Pani Walewska gives the skin firmness and elasticity, and also reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Thanks to its excellent regenerating and soothing properties, the cream makes


- long-lasting increase in hydration

- improved tension and flexibility

- clear wrinkles smoothing

- skin that shines with radiance

- full protection against harmful external factors