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AA 100% Aloe Vera Extract Soothing-Regenerating Face Toner  400ml

AA 100% Aloe Vera Extract Soothing-Regenerating Face Toner 400ml

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MULTI-HYDRATING PROGRAM OF NATURAL SKIN CARE that requires soothing, regeneration and long-lasting hydration. Immediate rescue for dry, itchy and damaged skin thanks to the content of 100% aloe vera extract.


- smooth, soft and well-moisturized skin

-additional protection of irritated, red skin

The AA brand guarantees safety and effectiveness.

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, do not forget to toning it. Give your skin comprehensive care. Take care of its condition after daily cleansing. A gentle tonic with beneficial aloe extract, protecting sensitive skin, brings it real comfort and pleasant relief. The moisturizing AQUAtech complex perfectly moisturizes and nourishes it. Your skin will gain:

- comfort of soothing and soothing irritation

- effective hydration

- noticeable effect of refreshment and relaxation

- look radiant with health and full of energy

-improvement of firmness and elasticity

- a feeling of pleasant smoothness and softness