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Nivea Soft Intensely Moisturizing Cream in a Tube 75ml

Nivea Soft Intensely Moisturizing Cream in a Tube 75ml

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  •  Highly effective, intensely moisturizing face cream
  •  It absorbs quickly and refreshes the skin
  •  Skin tolerance is dermatologically proven
  •  It leaves the skin soft and nourished
  •  Perfect for everyday care


NIVEA Soft Intensive Moisturizing Cream now includes an improved formula that provides even more intense hydration and care. This cream has an extremely light texture, thanks to which it absorbs quickly, leaving a unique feeling of smoothness, softness and liveliness. It consists of jojoba oil, which intensely moisturizes the skin, and vitamin E, which protects its natural structure. It is perfect for daily care - it is suitable for all skin types. It has a delicate and pleasant fragrance and makes the face look healthy, well-groomed, and the skin is properly moisturized and protected.
Skin tolerance is dermatologically proven.