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Men Extreme Protection 72h Antiperspirant For Men 50ml

Men Extreme Protection 72h Antiperspirant For Men 50ml

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Antiperspirant intended for active men. For 72 hours, it provides effective protection against the unpleasant smell of sweat, even during physical exertion. Despite its very strong protection, it does not irritate the skin and allows it to breathe. The most important task of the product is to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors and the appearance of bacteria. It is thanks to the content of thermoactive ingredients obtained from volcanic rock that it effectively protects against the secretion of excessive sweat. It does not contain alcohol.

-72h of effective protection, even during physical exertion
-Bactericidal formula
-It does not irritate the skin
-Long-lasting feeling of comfort
-It is not tested on animals
-It does not contain alcohol

How to use: After a shower or bath, apply an antiperspirant under the arms. Use roll-on daily for results.

Result: Provided long-term protection against sweat, up to 72 hours. Eliminated unpleasant smell.

Garnier has been offering body and hair care products since 1904. The company was born in France. Today, she is an expert on natural beauty. The brand uses the gifts of nature: seeds, buds, fruit and flowers, as well as the latest research and technology achievements to ensure the highest level of care.