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Lirene Resveratrol 70+ Rebuilding Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

Lirene Resveratrol 70+ Rebuilding Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

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An innovative combination of rejuvenating vine ingredients and a vitamin complex for the beauty of your skin.


RESVERATROL provides natural protection and a strong antioxidant effect, delaying the aging process.

100% GRAPE HYDROLATE is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, fruit acids and sugars. Strongly moisturizes.

VITIS VINIFERA (cold-pressed grape seed oil) has anti-radical and anti-wrinkle properties.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT FROM THE CHAMPAGNE REGION neutralizes free radicals and deeply regenerates.



BTI. A - ensures proper renewal of the epidermis.

BTI. C (stable form encapsulated in liposomes) - inhibits skin aging processes, revitalizes cells.

BTI. E - rejuvenates, strengthens the skin structure.

BTI. B3 (NIACINAMIDE) - regulates the production of ceramides and prevents discoloration.

BTI. B5 - soothes and soothes.


The rebuilding cream intensively regenerates the skin structure, effectively smoothing it. In addition, it strongly nourishes and moisturizes, thanks to the presence of shea butter, avocado oil and olive wax.



Reduces wrinkles by up to 58%

Visibly smoothes 100%

nourishes 85%

Reduces discoloration 82%


*assessment of women after 3 weeks of use