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Lirene Resveratrol 60+ Regenerating Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

Lirene Resveratrol 60+ Regenerating Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

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An innovative combination of rejuvenating vine ingredients and a vitamin complex for the beauty of your skin.


RESVERATROL provides natural protection and a strong antioxidant effect, delaying the aging process.

100% GRAPE HYDROLATE is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, fruit acids and sugars. Strongly moisturizes.

VITIS VINIFERA (cold-pressed grape seed oil) has anti-radical and anti-wrinkle properties.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT FROM THE CHAMPAGNE REGION neutralizes free radicals and deeply regenerates.



BTI. C (stable lipid form) – inhibits skin aging processes, revitalizes cells, increasing collagen synthesis.

BTI. E - rejuvenates, strengthens the skin structure.

BTI. A - delays the formation of wrinkles, ensures proper renewal of the epidermis.

BTI. B3 (NIACINAMIDE) - regulates the production of ceramides and prevents discoloration.

BTI. B5 - soothes and soothes.


The regenerating cream accelerates repair processes and effectively smoothes. It has a rejuvenating effect, improves skin tone and condition.



Reduces the visibility of wrinkles by up to 25%

Intensively regenerates 80%

Evens skin tone 90%

Improves flexibility 90%


*assessment of women after 3 weeks of use