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Lirene Diamond Lifting 3D Anti-Wrinkle Day/Night Eye Cream 15ml

Lirene Diamond Lifting 3D Anti-Wrinkle Day/Night Eye Cream 15ml

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With age, the skin loses volume, its firmness and elasticity decreases, and the oval of the face changes. In order to effectively counteract these processes, experts from the Lirene Scientific Laboratory have created a unique formula of creams inspired by volumetric lifting - a professional treatment that restores the volume of the skin.

3D Diamond Lift uses the rejuvenating power of diamond, 24-carat gold and copper peptides. Combined in one formula, the active ingredients penetrate the layers of the skin and stimulate renewal processes. The skin becomes more firm and tense, and wrinkles are visibly shallower.

The formula of the cream combines ingredients with proven anti-wrinkle and lifting properties. The richness of nutrients makes the skin smooth and soft.

The combination of 24K gold and diamond - reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation, increases skin firmness and tension, supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Copper peptides - improve skin density and elasticity, smooth the skin, reduce existing wrinkles.
Caffeine - reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, increases elasticity and elasticity, smoothes and gives softness.
Shea butter - soothes and soothes the skin.
Avocado oil and olive wax - effectively nourish and moisturize.
Soybean oil - strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.
Glycerin - intensively moisturizes, clearly improves skin elasticity.

Vegan product.

100% I have fewer dark circles and "bags" under my eyes
89% My skin is firmer and more elastic
95% My skin is smoother 95% The skin around my eyes is tighter
(less flaccid)
*Female evaluation after 3 weeks application.

How to use: Apply the cream to the cleansed skin around the eyes. Gently pat with fingertips until absorbed. Use every morning and evening.