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Lirene Couperose Skin Nourishing Soothing Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

Lirene Couperose Skin Nourishing Soothing Day/Night Face Cream 50ml

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Nourishing soothing cream contains unique ingredients with a therapeutic effect: diosmin and cranberry, as well as two forms of vitamin C and Shea butter. Reducing the visibility of blood vessels. Diosmin and cranberry prevent dilation of capillaries and the appearance of erythematous changes. Smoothing, firming and brightening the skin, thanks to two forms of vitamin C - a cherry extract from Barbados rich in these vitamins and vitamin C enclosed in liposomes. Soothing irritations and nourishing is provided by Shea butter, which brings immediate relief to reddened, hypersensitive skin, while providing it with essential nutrients.

The effects of using the cream*:
- 89% - smoothing,
- 81% - reducing the visibility of dilated capillaries,
- 70% - reducing redness,
- 74% - alleviating irritation.

* IN VIVO test - assessment in a group of women with couperose skin after 4 weeks of use.

The Lirene Cera Couperose line of cosmetics was developed for the sake of women struggling with the problem of excessive redness of the skin and visible, dilated blood vessels.

Specialized active ingredients with a therapeutic effect reduce the symptoms and causes of the problem of couperose skin. They effectively strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing the processes leading to the appearance of redness.

Diosmin - strengthens and seals weakened vessel walls, reducing their fragility.

Cranberry - prevents excessive expansion of blood vessels and has anti-radical properties.

Nourishing soothing day and night cream reduces the visibility of excessively dilated capillaries and soothes irritations and redness of the epidermis.