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L'Biotica Spot Patches for Blemishes 36 pieces

L'Biotica Spot Patches for Blemishes 36 pieces

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Patches are a simple and quick way to clean, healthy skin.

Transparent, point patches for blemishes with an antibacterial formula, enriched with extracts of tea tree and Canadian willow. They have a drying effect, soothe inflammation of the skin, clearly improving its appearance. The product is intended for topical use directly on acne lesions (subcutaneous eruptions, pustules, papules). Thanks to the practical application and discreet form, the patches can be used during the day. The perfect solution for problematic skin - both for women and men.

- discreetly and effectively reduce blemishes and acne lesions
- dry, soothe and reduce inflammation
- visibly stop the development of

1. Wash and dry your face thoroughly.
2. Peel off a patch from the foil and stick it on the blemish, press it lightly.
3. Leave for 8-12 hours, e.g. overnight.
4. Peel off the patch.

The product is intended for external use. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Avoid exposure to the sun during use. Keep out of the reach of children.