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Katarek Standard Baby Nasal Aspirator +0 months

Katarek Standard Baby Nasal Aspirator +0 months

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If your baby does not want to eat, sleep, is irritable - he may have trouble breathing through a stuffy nose. A child up to the age of one breathes only through the nose, so if it is blocked, the child does not function properly. Free breathing can be prevented not only by residual secretion, but also by food residues or contamination, which additionally makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. Remember to clean your little nose regularly .

The Katarek Standard aspirator is connected to a household vacuum cleaner with a power of 800-1800W. The reduced, uniform suction power makes it much more effective compared to oral aspirators and traditional pears. Thanks to the Katarek Standard aspirator, you will effectively and quickly get rid of secretions from the baby's nose, bringing him immediate relief. The entire process of expressing secretions is completely safe for every child, from the first day of life. The product has two ends that allow it to be used by two children at the same time.

Katarek Standard does not have a screw-on chamber. The set includes two identical tips that are perfect for one child. The aspirator is intended for children from the first day of life, but also for older children who are not yet able to clean their nose on their own. The Katarek Standard aspirator is also perfect for disabled and uncooperative people, where it supports their daily care and care.

Remember that a persistent runny nose in a small child can lead to serious complications, including for ear, bronchitis or paranasal sinusitis. Where does runny nose in young children come from? The most common causes are:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • allergies

Regardless of the cause, the course of a runny nose in a child is similar. Then the mucous membrane becomes infected, as a result of which the membrane becomes swollen and the runny nose has ideal conditions for multiplication. A runny nose is usually the first symptom of an approaching cold or other infection. 

How to use the Katarek Standard aspirator?

Katarek Standard is one of the basic elements of a layette for a small child. Don't forget about it when making a list of essentials.
How to properly clean a baby's nose? Apply the 3-Step Method, prepared and recommended by the Katarek brand and doctors. What is it about?

Step 1
To make expressing easier, thin the secretions. To do this, drop 2-3 drops of saline solution into each nostril. 

Step 2
Connect the Katarek Complete aspirator to the vacuum cleaner and start aspiration. Place the tip of the aspirator gently against each nostril for 3-4 seconds. 

Step 3
Dried nasal mucosa favors the development of infections. To avoid re-disease, moisten it with saline.