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Janda Quick Lifting Night Cream 50ml

Janda Quick Lifting Night Cream 50ml

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For women over 40 who notice a decrease in skin condition, loss of tone, appearance of wrinkles and lack of elasticity. For women who want to act quickly and decisively. The cream effectively works to improve the internal tension of the skin (endogenous lifting), reduce wrinkles, improve hydration, comfort and quality of the skin.

How to use:

Apply the cream every evening after thoroughly cleansing the face. Avoid the eye area. Complete the treatment with a good morning cream, a daily tightening mask and Janda quick lifting eye cream.


  • PATENT cosmetic drones - the latest, super-penetrating and precise cosmetic carriers that deliver a very active peptide only to the cells of the dermis.
  • Epidermis reactivator - a natural active ingredient that improves the functioning of the cells of the entire epidermis from the base to its top layers. It restarts old cells, improves gene expression in them.
  • Gardenia oil - obtained from flowers, softens and smoothes the skin. Strengthens its barrier properties, nourishes and protects.

    • reduces the visibility of wrinkles,
    • improves firmness, elasticity and elasticity of the skin,
    • makes the skin noticeably firmer,
    • very well moisturizes, smoothes and nourishes the epidermis,
    • improves the overall appearance of the face and the quality of the skin.