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Janda Quick Lifting Eye Cream 15ml

Janda Quick Lifting Eye Cream 15ml

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Reduction of wrinkles and bags.

Created to quickly and effectively eliminate the signs of aging, such as wrinkles around the eyes, flaccidity and "bags" under the eyes, and at the same time provide the skin with comfort and hydration.

-Cosmetic drones (PATENT) – the latest, super-penetrating, extremely precise cosmetic carriers. They deliver a very effective active peptide exclusively to the cells of the dermis. They give a significant increase in the amount of collagen and improve the tension of the skin from the inside (endogenous lifting), reducing wrinkles.
-Biolifting (PATENT IBPN) – a unique biopolymer network of natural origin, providing the skin with many benefits: it creates an elastic self-tensioning mesh on the surface (the effect is visible already a moment after application), moisturizes and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.
-Reducer of "bags" under the eyes – a truly effective combination of hesperidin with two advanced peptides. Reduces the permeability of blood vessels, improves lymph circulation.

Cosmetic Drones® is a trademark registered by Infinitec Activos S.L.

Directions for use:

Apply the cream every morning and evening to cleansed skin around the eyes, gently patting with your fingertips. Complement the treatment with good morning and bedtime creams and a daily mask that tightens the JANDA quick lifting.