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Janda Power of Corneotherapy Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml

Janda Power of Corneotherapy Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml

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The cream was created in the spirit of corneotherapy - a field of science that proves that the health, proper functioning and good appearance of the skin depend mainly on the condition and condition of the upper layers of the epidermis .

This is the perfect product for you if you want to effectively counteract skin laxity and wrinkles around the eyes . You notice their deepening and progressive dryness of the skin and dark circles. You want to restore your skin's healthy appearance, velvety smoothness and strengthen its structure.

The cream improves the condition, condition and appearance of the skin thanks to biomimetic lipids REPAIR CORNEOTHERAPEUTIC BASE , prevents progressive flabbiness, dryness and wrinkles thanks toTECHNOLOGY OF "THERAPY" OF FLACITY . The ingredients used in it affect the reconstruction of the skin's architecture and ensure proper hydration of the epidermis. The shadow reducer contained in the cream effectively brightens the "horseshoes" under the eyes.

The cream impresses with its extremely pleasant application. Simply.

How to use:
Apply the cream every morning and evening on cleansed skin around the eyes. Pat with your fingertips. Complete the treatment with good morning and good night creams and an active conditioner for the face, neck and cleavage from the JANDA Corneotherapy Strength series.


  • Skin architecture reconstructor  -  NEW!  – Active peptide of the latest generation. Strongly affects the reconstruction of skin structures to counteract deep furrows. Stimulates the production of collagen and improves the consistency, firmness and compactness of the skin;
  • Skin self-hydration activator  - stimulates the production of NMF (natural moisturizing factor in the skin). A kind of skin hydration trainer that restores its proper hydration;
  • A mixture  of biomimetic emulsifiers and nutritional lipids,  imitating those naturally occurring in the epidermis, such as:  ceramide-3  cholesterol derivatives  and numerous precious  oils  (including avocado, inca inchi). The ingredients seal and strongly regenerate the epidermal barrier;
  • Reducer of shadows under the eyes - a plant extract that effectively brightens dark circles under the eyes. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-radical properties.


  • reduces the visibility of crow's feet;
  • gives quick smoothing and improvement of skin condition;
  • reduces shadows under the eyes and evens skin tone;
  • improves firmness and elasticity;
  • perfectly moisturizes and nourishes.