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Janda Hyaluspheric Wrinkle Filler 50ml

Janda Hyaluspheric Wrinkle Filler 50ml

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Immediate camouflage of imperfections, smoothing, wrinkle reduction, more durable makeup, golden brown algae.


For you if: you are looking for an immediate smoothing of the skin, reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin.

How to use: Apply the filler to the cream, under make-up. Apply a small amount of the product to the entire surface of the face. Use to smooth the skin, improve its appearance and extend the durability of makeup. The filler can be used daily or occasionally before an important event.


The power of a hyaluronic filler. Revolutionary spherical carriers. Patented technology. Optical corrector in a colloidal gold carrier. Makeup fixer. Golden brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean. For a quick effect of smoothing wrinkles, improving hydration and extending the durability of makeup.


Clinical tests have shown that the filler:

- makes wrinkles less visible

- unifies the color, smoothes and mats

- makes the skin look radiant and younger

- leaves the skin velvety smooth

- makes it easier to apply make-up

- prolongs the durability of makeup


INNOVATION! HYALURONIC FILLER - patented, precise SPHERULITE™ microsphere carrier. It enables the transport of high-molecular hyaluronic acid to the deeper layers of the skin, where by gradually releasing it, it ensures a quick and long-lasting improvement in the appearance of the skin.

OPTICAL CORRECTOR IN COLLOIDAL GOLD CARRIER - diffuses light, making wrinkles less visible. It creates a silky film on the skin, making it matte and incredibly smooth.

MAKE-UP FIXER - a modern active ingredient that has properties that facilitate the application of make-up. It is characterized by excellent adhesion, thanks to which it increases the durability of makeup.