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Janda Dermosenolytic Youth Concentrate Concentrated Serum for Face Neck and Cleavage 30ml

Janda Dermosenolytic Youth Concentrate Concentrated Serum for Face Neck and Cleavage 30ml

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Ultra-modern reconstruction, reduction of wrinkles, reconstruction of firmness

  • alpine rose
  • sapphire carrier

For any mature woman who:

  • is looking for   intensive, concentrated and modern care with scientifically proven effects
  • appreciates specialized solutions and immediate effects

Clinical evaluation has shown that the serum:

  • visibly reduces the visibility of deep wrinkles
  • improves firmness
  • makes the skin elastic
  • increases flexibility
  • noticeably improves the quality and condition of the skin
  • instantly smoothes, providing a lifting effect
  • optimally moisturizes
  • nourishes
  • helps maintain a youthful appearance
  • makes the skin velvety
  • Complementary synergy of modern active ingredients:

    • 5 expert dermosystems
    • 2 patents
    • 3 international awards
    • 6 visible rejuvenating effects


    • rebuilds skin structures by activating the youth gene
    • provides measurable results in terms of firmness and elasticity
    • is a comprehensive solution to counteract skin sagging
    • reduces and smoothes 5 types of wrinkles - frontal, marionette, nasolabial, between the eyebrows and crow's feet

    LIFTING DERMOSYSTEM - creates an active lifting network, giving an immediate effect of improving skin tension.

    CORRECTIVE DERMOSYSTEM - improves hydration, elasticity, smoothness

    REGENERATING DERMOSYSTEM - created to nourish, improve elasticity and give the skin a healthy appearance

    SAPPHIRE CARRYER - supports the effectiveness of action and the penetration of active ingredients.

  • SENOLITIC ACTIVITY - precise, targeted action to reduce aging cells.
  • Innovative SENOLITICS!

    The latest achievement of modern science!

    Luxurious flower essence with alpine rose, gives the skin a unique, velvety smoothness and softness.

    Perfect serum for make-up.