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Iladian Uro  Intimate Hygiene Gel 180ml

Iladian Uro Intimate Hygiene Gel 180ml

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iladian uro gel for intimate hygiene

Urinary tract infections are a common ailment, especially in women. The short distance between the urethral opening and the vestibule of the vagina and anus makes it easier for bacteria to enter the bladder. Therefore, proper intimate hygiene is very important.

Iladian uro gel is a cosmetic recommended for people struggling with recurrent infections of the intimate area, including the urethral opening.
The composition of the gel includes ingredients with the following properties:
- showing the ability to reduce the adhesion of bacteria (cranberry extract)
- reducing the ability of bacteria to form clusters and moisturizing (tara tree extract)
- maintaining the proper pH (lactic acid)

In addition, iladian uro gel contains liquorice extract and a prebiotic that stimulates the natural microbiome of the skin, thanks to which it protects it from irritation.