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iLADIAN pregna intimate hygiene gel 180 ml

iLADIAN pregna intimate hygiene gel 180 ml

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During pregnancy, women are particularly vulnerable to suffer from irritation and infections of their intimate areas, as well as hemorrhoids.
Therefore, the hypoallergenic Iladian pregna intimate hygiene gel not only gently cleanses, but also contains ingredients with the following beneficial properties:

  • antibacterial (licorice extract),
  • moisturizing (oat oil),
  • supporting the functioning of the skin€™s natural protective barrier (oat oil),
  • increasing resistance to irritation (licorice extract, oat oil),
  • maintaining normal pH (lactic acid)

In addition, the product€™s composition also contains a component with prebiotic properties. It stimulates the beneficial skin microflora, and thus additionally protects the skin against irritation.