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Herbapol Tinctura Salviae Oral Fluid 100ml

Herbapol Tinctura Salviae Oral Fluid 100ml

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Concentrate for the preparation of a mouthwash solution. OTC drug 

Contents of the package: 

1 bottle of 100ml 

Qualitative and quantitative composition:

Composition per 100ml of the product:
Sage leaf tincture 1: 5 (Salviae folium tinctura) - 100ml. 

Extractant: ethanol 70% 

The product contains 60-70% (v / v) of ethanol 

Intended use: 

The product is traditionally used in inflammation of the oral mucosa and pharynx, e.g. in the course of an infection. 

Dosage and method of administration: 


Traditionally, the following application scheme is used:

Adults: for rinsing the mouth - 15 ml (i.e. about 3 teaspoons of tincture) in 150 ml of water. 

The product is for topical use only. Don't drink it. 

Application time: 

It is not recommended to use for more than one week. 


Do not use in case of allergy to the active substance.

Side effects: 

So far not reported.