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Herbapol Elixir for Blood Pressure 35ml

Herbapol Elixir for Blood Pressure 35ml

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Product description

Dietary supplement - elixir for pressure. Olive leaf extract helps maintain normal blood pressure. Garlic helps to maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood and healthy blood vessels. In addition, hawthorn and lemon balm support the work of the circulatory system , help to calm down and relax.


Supplementing the diet with active ingredients of the preparation.

Recommended intake

30 drops 3 times a day dissolved in a little water or sugar.


Garlic extract - 94.2%, ethanol, hawthorn inflorescence extract (2-3: 1) 2.8%, lemon balm leaf extract (20: 1) 2.2%, olive leaf extract 0.6%, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate. 
The daily dose contains: garlic extract 4333g, hawthorn inflorescence extract 129mg, lemon balm leaf extract 101mg, olive leaf extract 28mg.