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Grinovita 10 sachets

Grinovita 10 sachets

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Grinovita contains 75% of the recommended vitamin C daily intake and 150% of zinc in a sachet. The supplement contains elderberry fruit extract, natural concentrates of blackcurrant juices and powdered raspberries.


Sugar, powdered blackcurrant concentrate (5%), powdered raspberry concentrate (2.8%), elderberry (2%) and hibiscus (1%) extract, acidity regulator, citric acid, vitamin C (acid L-ascorbic acid), zinc sulfate, flavors.

 - Black currant, raspberries are a natural vitamin C source.

- Elderberry fruits (Fructus Sambuci) contain organic dyes, amino acids, sugars, rutin and vitamin C.

- Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the immune system proper functions.

 How to prepare:

Pour the sachet (10g) into a cup or glass, pour over the prepared, warm water and stir.

 More information:

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