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Farmona Pantenol Med Spray Face & Body Foam for Children 150ml

Farmona Pantenol Med Spray Face & Body Foam for Children 150ml

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Children's skin needs delicate care, especially after the impact of aggressive factors and sun exposure. Soothing Face & Body Foam from the Farmona brand is an excellent helper for parents that provides gentle care of kids' skin. Its formula contains a high concentration of D-panthenol, complemented with Inulin and Allantoin. The active ingredients provide effective soothing and regenerating effects.

Benefits of Farmona Panthenol Med Soothing Face & Body Foam For Children:

- provides an intensive moisturizing effect;
- has soothing and softening properties;
- regenerates the skin after solar and thermal burns;
- accelerates the healing of abrasions, wounds, and cuts;
- improves the protective functions of the skin;
- relieves irritation, itching, and redness;
- can be used after sun exposure.

How to use

Shake well before use. Hold the container upright, apply a small amount to the palm, and spread over the face. For use on the body, spray directly onto the skin at a distance of 15 cm from the point of application.