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Eveline Hyaluron Clinic B5 50+ Lifting Face Cream Day/Night 50ml

Eveline Hyaluron Clinic B5 50+ Lifting Face Cream Day/Night 50ml

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HYALURON EXPERT™ is the intelligent new generation rejuvenating treatment, based on hybrid fusion of 3 hyaluronic acids, enclosed in one formula. Thanks to TRI-HYALURON 24H SYSTEM™ unique technology, it ensures immediate effect of moisturization and smoothing on cellular level. 

MODELING AND FILLING LIFTING CREAM-CONCENTRATE is dedicated to complex care of the skin after the age of 50. Formula rich in 3 bioactive hyaluronic acids, AQUAREVIPORIN™ and Laminaria algae immediately firms, tightens and smoothes the epidermis. Enhances skin density and resilience. Reduces wrinkles and visibly rejuvenates facial features.  TRI-HYALURON 24h SYSTEM™ technology of hybrid fusion shows intense rejuvenating action, guarantees exceptional power of skin moisturization for 24H and smoothness.

Hybrid technology (cosmetic hybrid) combines the properties of several skin care products: cream + concealer + serum in one, unique product.

Hybrid fusion of 3 bioactive forms of hyaluronic acid  is the innovative combination of 3 different types of hyaluronic acid: macromolecular, micromolecular and ultra-low molecular in one formula in order to intensely moisturize for 24H, actively smooth and spectacularly rejuvenate the skin on cellular level.
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Perfectly firms, tightens and models facial oval
Ensures global effectiveness in the struggle against main signs of skin aging
Every morning and evening apply the cream onto the cleansed face, neck and neckline skin. Perfect as a make-up primer.