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Eveline Bio Olive Actively Rejuvenating Cream-Serum 50ml

Eveline Bio Olive Actively Rejuvenating Cream-Serum 50ml

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A rejuvenating cream-serum designed for people with mature skin. It will help to improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing out wrinkles and evening out the color. The formula of the cream is a real rejuvenating bomb. It contains bio-ingredients such as: organic olive oil, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and pomegranate. They stimulate the skin rejuvenation process, moisturize, even out the color, have anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties. The serum also contains grape seed oil, vitamin E and wheat proteins, which will ensure proper illumination, firmness and regeneration of the skin.

  • It works against skin aging.
  • Smoothes and tones
  • Provides a quick lifting effect
  • For mature and dry skin
  • Suitable for day and night use
  • It contains effective bio-components
  • The product is dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for vegans

Directions / How to use: Apply the cream on the cleansed skin of the face and neck. Use every morning and evening.