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Janda Dermo-Inductive Anti-Wrinkle Night  Cream 50ml

Janda Dermo-Inductive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50ml

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An ideal cream for every mature woman who focuses on effective care to postpone decisions about invasive treatments in time. He values ​​the perfection of form, ingredients and application. It wants to effectively reduce wrinkles, improve density, firmness, elasticity, tension and general condition of the skin.

How to use:
Apply the cream every evening on thoroughly cleansed face and neck skin. Complete the treatment with a good morning cream, eye cream and concentrate-serum from the JANDA dermo-induction series.

Accumulation of active ingredients in very high doses that induce numerous changes in the skin, causing reconstruction of its structures, strengthening and renewal!

  • A precious sapphire carrier that effectively delivers the active peptide to the skin, intensifies and prolongs its effect, for visible effects of transformation of the appearance.
  • 12 biologically active ingredients.
  • 2 ultra-advanced active peptides.
  • 4 natural plant extracts.
  • The essence of white flowers. A mixture of precious white rose, jasmine and daisy extracts for a velvety feel and effective hydration improvement.
  • Clinical tests have shown that the cream:

    - affects the reconstruction of the skin and its strengthening at night thanks to advanced active peptides (two reconstructors)

    - provides nourishment and regeneration at night and moisturizes

    -strongly affects the improvement of skin firmness and elasticity

    - noticeably improves the density of the skin, which becomes more compact,

    - works towards lipofilling - fills wrinkles and skin from the inside with adipose tissue, thanks to the volume reconstructor