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Dentosept A Oral Liquid 25g

Dentosept A Oral Liquid 25g

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DENTOSEPT A fluid for use in the oral cavity 25 ml

DENTOSEPT A fluid is used in inflammations of the mouth and gums, aphthae, bedsores in the mouth (after dentures) and as an aid in parodontosis.

It has
antibacterial and
disinfecting properties,
has an anesthetic effect.

The drug is traditionally used in:
inflammation of the mouth and gums, aphthas, bedsores in the mouth (after dentures), as an auxiliary in periodontitis.
Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, lubricate the affected areas in the mouth with a cotton bud up to 3 times a day. Do not rinse the mouth immediately after using the medicine.
If symptoms worsen or do not improve within a few days, contact your doctor.
100 g of the product contains: complex liquid extract (0.65: 1) from: chamomile basket, oak bark, sage leaves, arnica herb, calamus rhizomes, peppermint herb, thyme herb. Extraction solvent: ethanol 70%, - 50.0 g, benzocaine - 2.0 g. Ethanol content: 35 - 45%