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Delia Mattifying Jelly Face Mask 8ml

Delia Mattifying Jelly Face Mask 8ml

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Face masks are the perfect addition to your home skincare routine, and with our new collection of masks, you can choose the perfect variant for your complexion. 


The matting mask  with a gel consistency is intended for all skin types (including oily and combination skin). The content of ingredients such as niacinamide, bamboo activated carbon, hyaluronic acid  guarantees you; 

- regulation of sebum secretion,  

- visibly dull complexion, 

- reducing the visibility of pores, 

- cleansing blackheads, 

- regeneration and nourishment, 


Benefits for you?

Cleansed skin, no blackheads or new blemishes.

Properly moisturized skin secretes less sebum.