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Bioliq Rejuvenating Night Serum with Retinol 20ml

Bioliq Rejuvenating Night Serum with Retinol 20ml

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Bioliq Pro Rejuvenating night serum with retinol 20 ml

The serum combines the valuable effects of pure retinol in a high concentration of 0.3% with a new generation HPR retinoid, creating a complex that guarantees strong skin rejuvenation.

The complex has a quick and noticeable effect on the skin's microrelief - smoothes its surface, eliminates not only fine, but also deep and fixed wrinkles, narrows pores. It improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, its thickness, density and elasticity.

It counteracts the sagging of collagen fibers, giving the effect of tightening and lifting the skin. Thanks to the penetration promoters and the activator that works synergistically with retinol, the active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin faster, ensuring a more intense anti-wrinkle effect.

The presence of raspberry seed oil and squalane supports the regeneration of skin cells, leaving it silky smooth and renewed.

Pure retinol - an active form of vitamin A with a proven rejuvenating effect, fighting the signs of aging. It can bind directly to the receptors of skin cells, thanks to which it works quickly and intensively, and at the same time does not cause irritation.


Intended for daily care of mature skin, also sensitive. Apply at night. Gently massage into cleansed face, neck and décolletage. Can be used daily or intermittently if the skin is not tolerant to retinol. During the treatment, it is necessary to use UV filters for a day, min. SPF30.