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BIOLIQ 55+  SET: Night Lifting Cream 50ml Day Lifting Cream 50ml  Eye, Mouth, Neck and Décolleté Intensive Lifting Cream 30ml

BIOLIQ 55+ SET: Night Lifting Cream 50ml Day Lifting Cream 50ml Eye, Mouth, Neck and Décolleté Intensive Lifting Cream 30ml

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Bioliq 55+ eye, mouth, neck and décolleté intensive lifting cream

Provides a rejuvenating effect and improves the skin microrelief. Improves the firmness and resilience of delicate skin areas around the eyes, lips neck and décolleté. &Nbsp;

The cream has been specially developed to address the needs of delicate, thin and sensitive skin around the eyes, mouth, neck, and décolleté. It provides strong rejuvenating   and lifting effects for especially demanding skin areas as well as slows-down the ageing processes and stimulates intensive skin regeneration due to the presence of baicalin obtained from Baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis). Prevents aging, firms and improves resilience of the skin, restoring its ability to stretch. With regular application, the cream improves skin microrelief, providing an intensive lifting treatment.

Bioliq 55+ lifting and nourishing day cream

Provides a lifting effect by intensively stimulating cell regenerative activity. Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin.

Intensively improves firmness and resilience while reducing the size and depth of wrinkles for visible lifting effects. Contains bioactive ingredients isolated from soybean seed (Glycine soja) and wheat grain extracts which intensively nourish mature skin and provide it with essential minerals, vitamins and nucleic acids.

Bioliq 55+ Lifting and nourishing night cream

Provides a lifting effect through protective and regenerative influence on the collagen structures. Balances skin colour, brightening spots and discoloration. Protects against photoaging.

The cream contains active biopeptides referred to as matrikines, which demonstrate protective and regenerative effects on the skin collagen, allowing gradual reduction of the volume and density of wrinkles and improving skin resilience and tension.

The cream formula has been enriched with an African grass (Hypoxis rooperi) bulb extract, which is abundant in polyphenols and has brightening effects. This allows the cream to balance skin colour, brightening spots and discoloration that appear over the years. Additionally, the cream protects against photoaging.

The cream ensures noticeable skin moisturization and nourishment, helping it to regenerate at night.