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Peat is a peat. It is an organic mass created from plants as a result of humification (decay) processes under the influence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in an environment rich in water.


Low peat bog is the most common and occurs in 89% of Polish peat bogs. It is formed in places of lakes, in overgrown river beds, from plants that require a large amount of mineral salts. The content of mineral parts in it can be up to 50% of dry weight. However, peloid that does not contain more than 25% mineral parts is suitable for medicinal purposes. Due to the high content of alkali metals in combination with humic acids and the resulting alkaline reaction, there are favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms. This promotes faster decomposition of peat-forming plants and the release of proteins, sugars, pectins, alkaloids, resins and waxes from these plants. A high degree of low peloid decomposition increases its therapeutic value.



Chemical composition of peloid

  • organic ingredients - incompletely decomposed plant ingredients, e.g. lignin, cellulose,  bitumens (waxes, resins, asphalts, fats), 
  • humic acids - fulvic acids, humic acids, amino acids.
  • biologically active substances of the hormonal type. The hormonal action of peloid is based on stimulating the secretion of ovarian, adrenal and pituitary hormones and the direct action of estrogenic bodies present in peloid, 
  • enzymes, antibiotics and microbiological components
  • inorganic ingredients - minerals, i.e. magnesium, potassium, aluminum, sodium sulphates, iron, silicon and calcium compounds.

In the BINGOSPA peloid salt, peloid extract containing active substances of peloid was used while maintaining its therapeutic properties. The peloid extract is the "essence" of what is the most valuable and valuable in peloid. 

BingoSpa mud bath can be used:

  • in general body care treatments,
    • in anti-cellulite treatments,


    A bath in peloid salt gives relief to tired muscles and reduces heaviness. It improves the firmness and overall appearance of the skin.

    In BINGOSPA peloid salt, peloid extract supports lavender extract and absorbable magnesium compounds.