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Big-Active Active Burn Herbal Tea 20 bags

Big-Active Active Burn Herbal Tea 20 bags

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Dietary supplement
Pomegranate- and red orange-flavoured fruit & herbal tea

Fat burning

The Active Burn dietary supplement is a composition of many ingredients, including guarana seeds, bladderwrack and hibiscus flower.

  • Guarana seeds
    - support metabolism and fat burning, facilitating weight control.
  • Bladderwrack
    - helps to maintain proper body weight,
    - increases the feeling of satiety and fullness,
    - supports energy metabolism,
    - is a natural source of iodine.
  • Hibiscus flower
    - benefits the body's vitality and correct energy level,
    - contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary tract,
    - helps reduce symptoms of physical and mental fatigue.

Thanks to its ingredients, it:

  • promotes fat burning
  • helps to control weight
  • boosts energy

Iodine additionally contributes to maintaining healthy energy metabolism.


The claimed beneficial effects may be observed when infusions from 3 tea bags are consumed daily.