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Bielenda Vegan Smoothie Refreshing Shower Gel Melon & Pineapple 400g

Bielenda Vegan Smoothie Refreshing Shower Gel Melon & Pineapple 400g

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The cosmetic that you apply to your skin is almost as important as what you nourish yourself with - the skin, just like your body, craves balanced plant care, matched to its needs and preferences. It will repay you with a beautiful appearance and energy.

Vegan creamy shower gel from the Vegan Smoothie line is a true friend of your skin.

The velvety formula similar to a fruit cocktail is full of delicacies that you like so much in taking care of yourself - it contains:

- moisturizing melon juice

- "holy basil" - a plant adaptogen with enormous strengthening and antioxidant potential

- brightening pineapple juice

- skin-friendly prebiotics

- ground coconut shells

The formula, rich in active ingredients, combined with skin-friendly cleansing ingredients, allows for optimal cleansing, refreshment and skin care, benefiting its microbiome. Soft, fruity-scented foam envelops the body and with each application leaves it velvety and soft to the touch, with a relaxing scent of fresh melons and pineapple.