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Bielenda Fermented Yeast Luffa Linseed Sebum Control Face Mask 8g

Bielenda Fermented Yeast Luffa Linseed Sebum Control Face Mask 8g

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-An Instant care for combination, oily and problematic skin.
-Active ingredients enclosed in a clay-cream mask formula.
-A natural source of peptides, minerals and vitamins.
-Has strong anti-radical and anti-aging properties.
-Reduces discoloration, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
-Supports its regeneration ability.

FERMENTED YEAST Luffa Linseed Mask with Sebum Control:

White clay - mild for the skin, and absolute for impurities and sebum, smoothes and softens the epidermis. Linseed - softens and moisturizes, and in our mask acts as a delicate peeling. The product cleanses the skin, gives it a radiant and fresh look, restores the softness of the epidermis.
Maseczka - supports the seboregulation process, reduces the visibility of pores, supports the fight against acne lesions and blackheads. Peeling provides gentle exfoliation, thanks to which the absorption of active ingredients is more effective. The result: perfectly refreshed, matte, smooth skin.

Apply the mask to the face avoiding the eye area, leave it on the skin. After 15 minutes, wash off the lukewarm water by massaging the skin in circular motions.