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Bielenda Beauty Molecules Molecular Niacinamide Face Mask 8g

Bielenda Beauty Molecules Molecular Niacinamide Face Mask 8g

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Highly active preparations with beauty molecules and complexes of active ingredients with a multi-level care effect that slow down the negative effects of the aging process. Thanks to properly composed formulas with precisely selected ingredients, the skin regains balance, long-lasting comfort and a healthy, radiant appearance. Meet the Molecular Niacinamide Mask, dedicated to problematic skin.

What is inside it?

  • vitamin E enclosed in multi-colored microspheres
  • fighting imperfections, smoothing and helping to improve the color of the niacinamide molecule
  • remineralizing and absorbing excess sebum yellow clay
  • tightening pores, cleansing the skin and soothing zinc oxide
  • smoothing, soothing and moisturizing gluconolactone molecules
  • a natural source of peptides, minerals and vitamins, yeast ferment stimulating regeneration
  • a synbiotic supporting the microbiome and skin resistance to adverse external factors
  • accelerating the regeneration process, moisturizing and soothing pro-vitamin B5 molecules

How it works?

The mask reduces imperfections, smoothes, gently mats, optimally moisturizes and refreshes, thanks to which the skin regains its balance.

How to use:
Use 1-2 times a week. Apply and spread the mask on the cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave to absorb, massage any excess into the skin or remove with a tissue.