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Bialy Jelen Men  Hypoallergenic Shampoo  with Birch Juice 300ml

Bialy Jelen Men Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Birch Juice 300ml

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Biały Jeleń hypoallergenic hair shampoo FOR MEN with birch sap - developed especially for men with allergic ailments and sensitive scalp. The delicate formula effectively cleanses while nourishing the skin and hair.

 The shampoo soothes irritations and regulates the pH of the skin. The hair is soft and pleasant to the touch. Suitable for daily care of all hair types.

 Nursing substances:

• birch sap - a source of many minerals and microelements, has a toning and soothing effect on the scalp, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands

• rebuilding complex - finds the most damaged parts of the hair, filling them and rebuilding their structure

• panthenol - penetrates the hair structure, effectively smoothing and moisturizing their surface, facilitates detangling and prevents split ends,

• wheat proteins - they are anti-static and minimize the frizz effect while maintaining their volume

 Dermatologically tested among people with sensitive skin and with a positive history of allergy and atopy (AD).

It does not contain SLES, silicones, fragrance allergens and artificial dyes.