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Bialy Jelen Prebiotic Intimate Hygiene Emulsion  265ml

Bialy Jelen Prebiotic Intimate Hygiene Emulsion 265ml

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  • soothes the feeling of itching and burning of the intimate area, restoring comfort and relief
  • reduces the tendency to irritation
  • maintains the pH at the right level
  • does not dry the skin and mucous membranes, leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness
  • complex of prebiotics Inulin + Gluco-oligosaccharides + Xylitol + Lactitol - stimulates the growth of beneficial bacterial flora and maintains the microbiological balance of intimate places
  • lactic acid - maintains a low pH of intimate areas, thanks to which it limits the development of pathogenic fungi and yeast
  • allantoin - soothes skin microdamage, stimulates wound healing
  • panthenol - soothes irritations, moisturizes
  • dermatologically tested
  • has a positive opinion of a gynecologist