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Bialy Jelen Soothing Micellar Solution  265ml

Bialy Jelen Soothing Micellar Solution 265ml

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  • gently cleanses the skin of the face, eyes and lips of makeup and any impurities
  • micellar formula - effectively cleanses the face of make-up and impurities
  • urea - improves skin softness, firmness and comfort
  • glycerin   - provides   the optimal level of   hydration
  • panthenol - has a soothing effect, effectively soothing irritation
  • it even removes waterproof makeup without causing your eyes to sting or water
  • suitable for   people who wear contact lenses 
  • has ophthalmological examinations
  • formula without fragrance allergens   , dyes and parabens
  • physiological pH
  • dermatologically tested among people with   skin allergies and for atopy (AD)
  • intended for sensitive skin prone to   allergies at any age