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Bialy Jelen Intimate Hygiene Gel with Oak Bark Extract 500ml

Bialy Jelen Intimate Hygiene Gel with Oak Bark Extract 500ml

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The soothing intimate hygiene gel is a specially developed formula for the daily hygiene and care of a woman's intimate parts.
It contains soothing allantoin and lactic acid, which supports the body's natural defenses against external irritation. The gel reduces the risk of infection and has a positive effect on the mucous membranes.

Provides comfort of use and long-lasting freshness.
- has a physiological pH
- contains mild washing substances
- supports the reconstruction of natural microflora
- does not contain allergens and parabens

Oak bark extract contains soothing washing substances obtained from plants, the main active substances are tannins. It has an astringent effect and soothes minor abrasions of the mucosa. Strengthens the natural protective system of the mucous membranes. It soothes inflammation and accelerates the healing of micro-injuries. Oak bark extract has antibacterial and fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, astringent and cleansing properties.