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Apipol Farma Propolis Drops 7% 20 ml

Apipol Farma Propolis Drops 7% 20 ml

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Propolis drops 7% is an ethanol extract of propolis - bee putty, a natural substance collected by bees from plants. Propolis is a complex substance containing over 250 identified compounds, the most numerous of which are phenolic, alcoholic and flavonoids.

FORM : drops

INDICATIONS : for people who care about the body's immunity, susceptible to infection


Dissolve ½ teaspoon of the preparation (30 drops) in a small amount (1/4) of a glass of water or acidic fruit juice or put it on a teaspoon of sugar. Use three times a day before a meal. A daily dose of the product provides 168 mg of propolis


Do not use in people allergic to bee products

Additional information:

The product contains natural ingredients. Sludge and fatigue produced during storage are not a product defect. Store below 25 ° C. Protect from light